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I am just returning from the Seventh Annual Conference on Positive Aging (PAC), organized by the Institute for the Ages, and I can't wait to share the many exciting connections and insights and takeaways I have bubbling up inside me after this remarkable conference.

I will have more in-depth articles on this as soon as I have a chance to let it simmer so I can do it justice, but I do want to share with you how excited I was that everyone-presenters, organizers, attendees-felt the same desire to break down the barriers among the four generations.

These barriers are false, built by those who prosper by the myths separating generations. We have the power, as Visionaries with Wrinkles, to lead the way in dissolving these barriers through outreach.

Ove the years, I have been writing and speaking about multigenerational cooperation and collaboration and their importance to solving our planet's problems, from social issues to environmental sustainability, for the next seven generations.

One of the guiding images in my thinking about the role of 50+ women and men, or Visionaries with Wrinkles, is a Venn diagram I created for my piece on Multiple Conversations on Aging.

An important part of reaching across to other generations is of course to also reach out to each other and to reach within ourselves. These are simultaneous conversations we need to have if we are to start changing the conversation on aging, on social issues, on the economy, on the environment.

An early and vital part of this changing conversation has to be recognizing how much we are capable of in the time we have left, to once and for all move past the stereotype that we age into invisibility, into doing less and less with our lives.

Perhaps you have heard of the Pareto principle, which posits that 80% of effects stem from 20% of causes. My mentor and colleague, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, known as the Godfather of the Continuous Quality Improvement Movement, demonstrated that the numbers are actually closer to 90%/10%. Consider what this means in terms of the effects, the impact, we can have in the years ahead of us.

As Visionaries with Wrinkles, we likely have 90% of our greatest contributions ahead of us in our life course. With the wisdom of experience combined with self-actualization and transformation, we can lead the way in reshaping the future.

Starting with our conversations with people of all ages and stages-from the kitchen table to the boardroom table, from community groups to global outreach-90% of us can collaboratively solve a minimum of 10% of our planet's problems.

The time to start (or restart) is now. The potential for collaboration is there, within our reach, but only if we are willing to reach out.

To our Ageless Future,

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Featured Article: The Future of Multigenerational Leadership


Business is becoming more and more multigenerational, especially as Boomers plan to work longer, out of necessity for some but also as a result of longer, healthier life spans. None of this is news to anyone, much less to futurists.

For all the media hype pitting the generations against each other, the facts demonstrate that Boomers working longer are not taking jobs from the younger generation. More and more members of all generations-X, Y, early Boomers, and late-are becoming more vocal about putting aside the generational stereotypes and looking at the common ground.

The question then becomes not whether these generations will work well together but how, and what changes we are likely to see in the future of business as a result of the changing, more age-diverse face of tomorrow's workforce, from professionals to executives to the growing number of entrepreneurs. . . .Read more and leave a comment.


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Excerpt from Ageless Resources


Intergenerational Relationships
One of my most important missions in my work and in my life is to change the conversation around aging. Too often, though, the conversation is assumed to be important only to people over 40 (and even then, only to those who choose to think about the topic in our age-denial society). It's easy to forget that a transformation of how we view aging-indeed, in how we age, period-can only occur if our conversations on the topic are multigenerational. In fact, the only way we can transform the world, for ourselves and for the next seven generations, is if we recognize the need for multiple overlapping conversations. . . . Read more.

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A Note from Karen

Featured Article: The Future of Multigenerational Leadership

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Top Posts from My Blogs

Excerpt from Ageless Resources: Intergenerational Relationships

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