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I'm working all day and I'm working all night, to be good-looking, healthy, and wise. And adored, contented, brave and well-read. And a marvelous hostess, fantastic in bed. And bilingual, athletic, artistic. -Won't someone please stop me?

-Judith Viorst

There's been so much talk about being authentic these days, yet authenticity is so hard to come by. Perhaps this is because for far too many years, we've so entrusted the conveying of titles and credentials, the corner office, the right address or school as the be all end all.

As we move toward the 4th-quarter solstice, with the holiday season in full throttle, I am reminded of the real meaning of the holidays and of life itself.

Did you know that "Solstice" comes from an ancient Latin word meaning "to stop, or to stand still"? With all the holiday parties, the lists of gifts to buy and cards to write, we tend to go on auto-pilot, forgetting the power of stopping and reflecting on what truly matters. Yet isn't that what this season is all about?

The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside. Only he who listens can speak.

-Dag Hammerskjold

Long ago I learned the value of our time together . . . and its impermanence. My young children lived far away across the oceans, so our time together on school holidays was so very precious and fleeting.

What kept our loving connection vibrant all those miles and years ago weren't the wanted gifts of Hot Wheels or Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker lookalike dolls, but the moments sharing the joy of just being . . . reveling in a look, taking a walk, or laughing together. It's all about truly getting that this moment, this day, won't come again, so live it to the fullest.

Now as a grandparent, this is all coming full circle in the most bittersweet of ways. I know that these moments with my grandchildren, some echoing my memories of my own children . . . these moments really won't come again.

There is a precious poignancy in something as simple as my five-year-old grandson calling to invite us to his birthday party at his dojo. This event was the world to him, and he had to ask me to hold while he double-checked the date and time with his mom so he could get these oh-so-important details just right. Yet I miss exactly these day-to-day details with my 5-month-old grandchild, who lives across the country. What can I do to connect?

When 9/11 happened, followed my own life-altering series of events that same year, this all only sealed the reality that I had to make every moment count. So I no longer sweat the little stuff (or only momentarily). Now I focus on being authentic as much and as often as I am able.

It's easy to forget, especially at this time of year, with our daily to-do lists overflowing, holiday parties, year-end budgets and deals to close. When I start to get lost in the hustle and bustle or feel like I'm carrying the weight of the world, I remember a time soon after I turned 50 when I again learned this truth that that guides me to this day.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. My adored husband, Mark (now 37 years together), lay sleeping beside me, curled with our legs entwined. I found myself scanning his face, taking in every line, every stubble. I'd close my eyes to be sure I'd remember this moment, his image. The realization that our time together was moment by moment, day by day, flooded my awareness unlike any time in my earlier years. My tears gently rose and cascaded down my cheeks. I can tell you that my husband's rolled up socks or smelly gym clothes or whatever else might irritate me no longer does beyond that initial twinge of annoyance. Then I remember . . . what matters.

It doesn't stop with your partner, of course. As we party and share with friends, colleagues, and community this holiday season, let's all be sure to stop and reflect, being truly in the moment with all those folks who mean so much to us.

Please take this holiday time to look into the faces of the people in your life-your partner, your kids, your friends, and even your colleagues and clients. Remember that this moment won't come again in this way. Keep the knowing that this time with them is all you can be sure of . . . please cherish them.

For those far away, make the call or send an email. Let them know you value them. Make sure to tell them you love and appreciate them for who they truly are. We all need this! Show them in every way. Remember how you came together and why they are important to you. Let them know from your heart and soul. And listen to their response . . . let it fill you with joy.

I'd like to share a Buddhist story that was gifted to me:

One man is standing in the forest. Suddenly another man rides by on a fast-moving horse.
The standing man asks, "Where are you going?"
The man on the horse shouts back over his shoulder, "Ask the horse!"

You guessed it-the horse is a metaphor for our running so fast we don't stop to just "be" with ourselves and the ones who make our life work. So this holiday season, please join me in reflecting on this question: How do we take back the reins so that we can get back to the real meaning of the holidays and life itself?

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the happiest of holidays. Thank you for letting me join you on your journey to an Ageless Future. May your tomorrows be far greater than your yesterdays.

To your Ageless Future,

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A Note from Karen

Double Your Giving: Give Hope for the Future

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Excerpt from Ageless Resources: Embracing Our Own Mortality

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