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We all know that the world around us is changing, that we are active in some of those changes. The traditional business models are crumbling around us, and many of us are shining a light on the false stereotypes about aging and gender, just to name two biggies.

The changes are slow, sometimes frustratingly so, but they are picking up speed. The more of us who speak out as the voice of change, the more others are emboldened to do the same. The more of us who stand in our own shoes and show the world what change looks like, the more people, businesses, academia, and governments can see the proof that visionary change works.

In the midst of this massive transformation, however, it's funny what old habits we cling to without even realizing it.

One of these habits is the traditional marketing advice to target a niche. Solopreneurs and big business alike are advised, time and again, to divide and subdivide people according to quantifiable characteristics like age range and socioeconomic status.

This is indeed the kind of thinking I embraced wholeheartedly as a veteran strategic and direct marketer, using databased niche marketing to connect with potential clients and customers.

But the niche philosophy isn't about connecting. It's about separating. Rather than attempting to connect with what really matters, we box people up according to characteristics that really don't.

As I evolve into my older years, I am re-evaluating, downsizing, simplifying, separating the gold from the dross in my business and my life. This is one reason that the niche marketing philosophy is suddenly revealing itself as hollow.

But no matter your age or stage, the future we face together is the same. We are stepping into and creating a future where businesses with a social purpose are becoming the norm. Evolving and aspirational solopreneurs especially are on the cusp of transcending the old business models, using their businesses to make a difference and a living.

In this future, dividing and discarding people according to niche runs counter to every goal we have as business owners and as people. It's time we instead focus on connecting with diverse ages, genders, and interests based on our strong common values.

It's time we found our tribe.

To our Ageless Future,

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Featured Article: Finding Your Tribe in Business, Work, and Life

Heart Connection

You've all heard the advice: If you are starting or running an established business, you need to find and target your niche. Narrow down the demographics'age range, gender, socioeconomic status'and ignore the outliers.

But we're all outliers. No individual fits neatly in a box. Why should we market that way?

This is true of all of us. We have more to give, not less, as leaders and change makers with each passing year: more experience and more wisdom, plus the ability to tell it like it is and focus on what really matters.

Just ask any boomer what it means to be a boomer, and you'll get wildly different answers, especially between early and late boomers. We need to recognize that niche characteristics are meaningless.

Consider also the example of retirement communities, a concept as dated as the niche marketing advice. Sequestering people together who may have nothing in common except their age, isolated from other generations, isolated from many members of their tribe, tucked away into invisibility and irrelevance.

This is just one reason we are clamoring for new community models, integration of multiple generations and people from all walks of life and with various talents and skills that they bring together for the good of the community and themselves. These people are all over the map in terms of niche. What they have in common is a shared sense of values, a similar language of the Soul. . . . Read more and leave a comment.



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A Note from Karen

Featured Article: Finding Your Tribe in Business, Work, and Life


Featured Posts from My Blogs

Excerpt from Ageless Resources: Shifting Your Marketing Perspective

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